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SUBMITTER’S COMMENT: The other day, one of my coworkers came into work with a new nose piercing, claiming she did it herself in her bathroom at home.  She did hers and my supervisor’s nose.  (Both have quite a few body modifications so I thought they were knowledgeable in this!)  I didn’t say anything to her, until the next day.  I would like to point out at this time that I work at a humane society.  We are surrounded by cats and dogs; who poop and pee and (some) vomit everywhere.  Most of them have fleas, tapeworms, ear mites, URI’s and kennel cough.  GERMS AND BACTERIA GALORE.  We are a building literally full of unsanitary conditions.  The day after she pierced her nose, she came to work and pierced her nose AGAIN in the BATHROOM of the humane society.  So not only in a building with animal germs and bacteria, but in a bathroom with human germs and bacteria.  It wasn’t even pierced correctly; rather than going in toward the face to double pierce it, she went straight down toward her mouth.  So she has two vertical holes in her nose.  She also took the ring from her tragus and put it into the second hole, which I’m sure is disgusting.  I laid it on her, telling her that this has to be the most unsanitary place to ever pierce anything.  She just rolled her eyes and blew it off.

WHAT’S AWFUL: Piercing yourself in extremely unsanitary conditions; also piercing it completely wrong.

HOW IT CAN BE FIXED: Pay the money and get your nose pierced in a CLEAN area.

She sounds ignorant and stupid. :/

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